Amanda Andrews

Freelance Editor

As the editor  for The Reader's Asylum, I can provide authors the chance to have their projects reviewed by an individual with a trained eye for detail. With my experience in the publishing industry, I have extensive background with copy writing and editing, both in print and online. During my tenure at a publishing company based out of New England, I have refined my skills and editorial knowledge through various responsibilities such as, copy writing and editing for numerous e-newsletter campaigns, website and social media marketing campaigns,  published articles,  and much more.  I am able to adhere to most styles of writing for publication, but work more frequently with Chicago Manual and AP styles, depending on the project being addressed. 

As an avid reader and occasional fiction writer, I understand how frustrating it can be for authors to reread their own writing numerous times, but still manage to miss an error. When the story is demanding the attention of its author, it's easy for mistakes to fall through the cracks. With the assistance of The Reader's Asylum, authors can rest assured that their readers can remain immersed in the story from cover to cover, nary an error in sight to shake their concentration.

As devoted as I am to the written word, so I shall be to the author's voice and to the story at hand.   Even though my personal interests are rooted in the horror, mystery, and fantasy realms, my editing techniques and faithfulness to the author's creation is not limited to any one genre. I will be thrilled to work alongside any author in order to produce a refined, final product they will be proud to publish.  

The author's primary focus should be on the story and its characters. Let me worry about the rest. - AA

I’m a typical magazine editor – I want the copy yesterday. Thankfully, with Amanda as a copyeditor, we can almost achieve that impossibility. She delivers the three most important elements: she’s fast, accurate and easy to work with. Amanda can always be counted on to turn a project around quickly with a high level of excellence. From the smallest error to big picture needs, Amanda makes each project better.
— Bill Burke, Managing Editor of Custom Publications, McLean Communications
In the newspaper publishing business, there’s a particular urgency to copyediting requests. Amanda is readily available and always of service, with a keen eye for grammatical errors as well as greater context issues in articles that have gotten past even the most seasoned editors. It is a pleasure to work with a professional who I can depend on for regular proofreading services.
— Liisa Rajala, Associate Editor, NH Business Review

Fall Fiction Anthology  by Kate Anderson

Fall Fiction Anthology by Kate Anderson

The Beauty of Falling Apart  by J. Cruz

The Beauty of Falling Apart by J. Cruz

“Sgt. Blackpool’s Wandering Bazaar”  by Amanda Andrews   Honorable Mention    NYC Midnight ’s Short Story Challenge 2019

“Sgt. Blackpool’s Wandering Bazaar” by Amanda Andrews
Honorable Mention
NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge 2019

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