Before hiring The Reader's Asylum for your editorial needs, please view the terms of service below, which detail the transaction between the Author and The Reader's Asylum, herein referred to as the Editor.

author's agreement


  1. The Editor will keep all materials submitted for editing services confidential from any outside parties. Any submitted materials/projects will remain in the custody of the Editor and will only be exchanged between the Author and the Editor.

responsibility of the author

  1. The Editor will not be responsible for detecting any plagiarism within the materials or projects submitted by the Author. If any plagiarism is suspected, the Editor will bring it to the attention of the Author, but the Editor is not to be held responsible for its inclusion within the final product. All responsibility lies with the Author in this regard.

  2. It is the sole responsibility of the Author for all factual information and edits to be accurate and complete. The Editor will not be responsible for any misinformation included in the final product.

delivery of materials

  1. Upon outreach of the Author to the Editor, the Author will fill out an initial service request detailing their needs and the services to be rendered for their project via the contact form online at www.thereadersasylum.com.

  2. Once the Editor has received and reviewed the service request, the Editor will issue forth a work order to be approved by the Author with a service quote and a tentative date of completion.

  3. Upon approval of the proffered work order, the Author will then sign this document produced by the Editor and remit payment.

  4. Upon receipt of the transaction, the Editor will then begin the process of editing based on the Author's needs detailed in the signed work order. Based on the deadline required by the Author, the payment transaction must be completed immediately following their approval in order for the editing process to begin.

  5. The Editor will not send the project's final version until payment is received.

  6. It is suggested that the Author utilize online file transfer sites, such as Google Docs, Dropbox or WeTransfer, in order to send their materials to the Editor. Emailed materials will be accepted, but, due to file size restrictions, the Author may choose to utilize said online sites.

  7. All materials must be formatted in a .doc or .docx file. The Editor utilizes Microsoft Office's Word in order to make the necessary edits and the Author must be able to comply.

  8. Upon completion of the editing process, the Editor will send to the Author their original file with Track Changes included, along with any notes or comments the Author may require.


  1. The Author may request a date of completion to the Editor if the Author is working within a strict time frame. However, the Author must keep in mind that the duration of the editing process is incumbent on the extensiveness of edits to be made and the number of projects the Editor is currently working on. The Editor will communicate their tentative completion date with the Author, who may negotiate when necessary.

  2. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for manuscripts or essays with a word count of over 50,000.

payment for services rendered

  1. In order to remit payment to the Editor, the Author will be able to utilize Paypal. Paypal information will be detailed on the work order provided by the Editor to the Author.

  2. No refunds will be issued for any project at any stage of the editing process. Once payment is received, the services agreed upon will be conducted by the Editor regardless. However, the Author will have the chance to withdraw their service request at their own discretion, as long as payment has not been remitted.